Traffic Management Plans

Put Whites Traffic systems to the test

We have a team for traffic management plans ready and waiting to draft your traffic systems. In order to get a professional traffic management plan, you simply have to provide us with the site address and details of your project. Our traffic systems advisors can then guide you with regulations and requirements and get your plans underway. Every week, we prepare dozens of traffic management plans which we submit to the Christchurch City Council and other local authorities for demolition, construction, roading or events.

We are sometimes asked if contractors can submit their own plans. The answer is ‘no’ or at least not without appropriate traffic management software and traffic management qualifications. In order to prepare traffic plans you need to be qualified STMS level 2/3 practising. But it’s not just about having the qualification; it’s about having the experience on the roads. Whites Traffic is an expert at setting and managing sites and has the practical skills and common sense to know how we can best help you to get your job done in the most efficient way while protecting your staff and other road users.
What’s more, our traffic management plans go hand-in-hand with vehicle and equipment hire and services to offer you the full package. Get in touch today so we can get your project underway.